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This is year 2017. Let these words be your guiding beacon when you start your life here. These words are filled with my outlook on everything, on the way I have seen the world unfolding before me, in a rather dramatic manner in the 21st century.

I may be criticized for my views and opinions written in these pages, or I may be applauded for them, or may deeply offend some humans and make enemies. But, nonetheless, these ideas are mine and true to me, these words of wisdom that I have acquired from humans I have come across, from adventures and misadventures, from relations created and broken, and from making mistakes. These words may help you to find the answers you cannot find alone.

Life – is a very complex process, even for the wisest men that roamed the earth. Even for Rama, Krishna, Jesus and Muhammad life wasn’t fair. Rama had to live in forest and leave the throne while Krishna was separated from parents at birth, Jesus was crucified, Muhammad barely had money when he became a prophet from a merchant. One doesn’t need to follow a religion to gain something from an unknown person sitting on top of us. Religion is a construct to help us, to show us how to handle the harsh situations life throws at us, it teaches us what is the right thing to do. Never follow anyone blindly, be curious, ask for explanations, ask for logic behind things. That way you will learn a lot. I was a curious child, asked one too many questions: why we ring bells in a temple? why some burn bodies after death and others cremate? Why are there so many gods? Why the universe is as it is? There are many mysteries which can only be unrevealed by curiosity. I hope you develop a sense of curiosity, and help those around you to come into the light.

Read a lot. Read every day. Books are your best friends; read everything you see. Your formal education will only teach you what is required to keep the society functioning based on age old practices. You dig deeper, surround yourself with books. Books are the greatest weapons in the universe. Reading will give you many answers, and also raise more questions. When I was at the age when everyone was reading how earth formed, I picked up the general theory of relativity and the work of Newton and Galileo. These men went against the common norm and challenged the highest authorities of their times, even risking their lives for science, they were ridiculed for their ideas, but in the end, their contribution has brought us where we are. Today, the GPS system functions with the help of relativity theory of Einstein, we can look beyond our eye’s reach with space telescopes which we owe to Galileo, and if the apple hadn’t fell on Newton’s head that day, we couldn’t have been able to send anything out of our planet. They read, they questioned, they enquired, and they created. Great men are remembered for their knowledge and their contribution in understanding of everything we live in. with reading, you will develop your interest and it will guide you to innovation. Read history, politics, science, life skills, and stories. A well-read person is always confident, and if you are one, you will never be afraid of any challenging situations. And more than ever it is very easy to get your hands on the vast repository of books, on the internet.

Be Social, because reading will only get you as far as your single mind can go. Think of our lives as computer programs and the brain as the computer. A program run on one computer can function in only one direction. It has one input and a very limited number of outputs. A single idea planted in your mind will provide you with at most 10 possible outputs. When you interact with others, you are creating a network of connected computers, again the input remains single, but the output is increased, not only you get many more than just 10 answers, but you get a chance to reprogram your own computer (brain). There will be some ideas that you might have missed, owing to how your brain categorizes the importance of some answers and neglects what you have not experienced. Being social will help you in developing your life. Your closest social group will have a huge influence on who you become in later years, and your choice of this group will affect your experiences and your way of life. There is an ill to this aspect – the social media. Definitely I use it, and so will you. The idea is to not let it use you. Social media is a very good tool in this world where we can connect with anyone globally and expand our social horizons. But, it is mostly used as a tool to feed one’s ego, calculated by the number of likes or friends or mentions. Do not use it to fuel your ego, however great you think you are, however good looking you think you are, social media is not a platform to show-off. If you are really good at something, show it by performance and spread ideas. And never hamper your and anyone else’s private life by publicizing things. Social media must be used intelligibly or not at all.

Passion and Money. Develop deep interests, develop a hobby. It can be an intense love for a game, or art, or singing. It will teach you what passion means. And passion teaches us to be loyal and to love. Work for what you are passionate about. Do not be and engineer if you love to write poetry, a good poet at heart will create weak buildings. And a good artist will make a terrible surgeon of death. I will support you to follow your dreams and your passion. As far as money is concerned. Yes, it is important to live, to eat, and cloth, more money is required for a good lifestyle to carry. But money is temporary, it does not come with guarantee or an expiry. You will need to be content with its flow at one point of time, there will be days when there will be no money, and there will be days when you have excess. Make it a point to use 1/10th of your earning to help others, feed the poor, buy clothes for homeless, and spread smiles.

Respect and Elders since you are/will be born in India, the first thing that is told to a kid is to respect elders. I have always challenged our rigid cultural mind-sets. This does not mean I think elders shouldn’t be respected. What I mean is, respect who you think deserves it, irrespective of age, gender, and race. Every human, every animal who deserves respect must be respected. But, there are some undeserving individuals, who have grown up to be called elders without contributing anything worthwhile to the world, or to their immediate society. These individuals have “aged”, but haven’t “grown up”. Do not give them unwanted respect. Respect is earned and it is not a liability that comes with aging. Tell these people how wrong they are, and show them the path of light. Always respect your own self first. No one can belittle you without your permission.

Technology. Since I was born in 1992, till today, I have witnessed a huge leap in terms of technological advancements. Of course, research for all the technology was being done even before that, but it has been put into action, and available for day-to-day use, only very recently. The first cell phone I used was in 2002, and the first desktop computer came at our house in 2003. We were among the tiny percentage of the nation’s population to have a personal home computer, technology has moved from a necessity to a luxury with years. As I write this on my hybrid touchscreen laptop, I can vividly remember that bulky and small CRT screen glaring at me where I had learned to type. Technology has been a boon in many ways, in few years when you will read this, the advancement will be much more than I see today, for which I shall eagerly wait to try. I have imagined a future what has been fed to me by the media – flying cars, flexible interactive screens, 3-D virtual reality worlds, glass domed houses, automatic equipment’s, robot helpers. But what I really wish to see in future is a green planet, less wars, every child getting educated, less violence, satisfied and happy humans, less toxic fleeting lives and more love. Technology has many ill effects. It is good, but too much of it is toxic. At 25 years of age, when I open my social media accounts, I see people getting humiliated for sharing their views, I see the horrors of Syrian refuge kids being neglected at the cost of presidential elections and dirty politics. I am bombarded with unwanted media exposure, from the most intimate private moments of actors’ lives to the useless videos of pranks and street interviews of youth on unwanted questions comprising of love, lust, and greed. We, humans are at the peak of enacting on the seven sins. And this excessive data inflow will only hamper the brain. It is one thing to know what issues the world is facing and any contributions which you can make, but it is just wrong to keep reading and writing on inefficiencies in polls and of the elected leaders. It is not charity when you like or comment on posts that reek of foul play, and unwanted causes, charity begins with actions.

Love, because you can. Love is one feeling which is common among all animals. Watch a pet selflessly love its owner. Watch a mother selflessly love her child. When you grow up, inadvertently you will love something, and someone. We all do, we all have gone through that and we continue loving, it is the primordial emotion resonating throughout the universe and organisms. It seems to be a diminishing trait. With more people giving up so easily in this era of instant gratification, and want of freedom, that the true essence of the feeling itself seems lost. Divorce rates are all time high, breakups are an everyday thing, multiple partners are not at all uncommon. Call me a man out of time, but I still prefer the old ways. The courting, as a gentleman, communicating, listening, helping, and understanding, all of these make way for love. Does not mean I have succeeded in love, but to fail in it teaches much more than its success ever can. If you love someone, make sure they know. Make mistakes, be foolish, because no one gets it right the first time. it is as complex as life itself. Love selflessly, and when love leaves, let it go. It’s almost always the body that leaves but not the construct.

Travel. To your heart’s content. Go on adventures. Go where you are afraid to go. You will meet people, feel the joy of being independent, learn new things. Learn new cultures, new languages, new ways to live. Travel helps you in many ways. You learn to love and respect your roots, expand the limits of your thoughts, see how people form their social structure, how the significance of different geographic location changes the ways of life. Travelling will tach you to love yourself, to learn to be alone, to learn to love nature and respect what our environment gives us. Get lost in the woods, walk on mighty mountains, drink from rivers, feel the icy cold of ancient mountains and the heat of an infinite sand desert. Learn to look up to the sky and watch the star’s twinkle, learn to navigate literally and metaphorically without technology. The adventures will instil a sense of grounding in you, one can only learn to appreciate the possessions, in absence of such possessions. Travel far and wide, and be an explorer and a dreamer.

There is a lot more to come, there are gazillion questions, ideas, thoughts that my mind harbors, the big what if? has rarely given me boring time even in the midst of loneliest days. A curious mind is a place for new creation.

“I think, therefore I am, and we create, therefore we are”.

out of pure thoughts

sometimes in life, you get a chance,

to change the course of it,

but you let it slip, and fall into that abyss

yeah, that’s the truth;

I tried pick up my pen, letting my life roll again,

on these papers, like a rapper, let me take a nap, ‘er,

sitting here without words, no verse, having just remorse,

and curse for this bitch, but fucking can’t take no more,

don’t say now ‘nother thing, ‘coz ma life’s is in an upswing,

wanna live like a king, no shit, just let it unwind,

& I don’t give a fuck no more what I’ve been in,

ring-ring this cell keeps on blinking,

yo bitch I know that’s you, who cares, now that there’s no string

between us two, me & you, ‘coz you’re out of view, yoo-hoo

no more I’m taking this, on me, coz I’m running out of my own strength

roaming the world explaining this, going all way and to long lengths

you think that you know me, LOL, let me tell this to my holmies,

hey! do you know this, they told me bitch,

to keep away from your reach,

but I said It’s ok, I couldn’t live without you even a single day,

you say, I’m crazy, yeah girl you know how to play, mayday

but its enough now, time to repay,

I put my life on a 3D display,

you could stay, if you wanna be mine, not just friends, hey!

lets play another game, with my rules, and my name

I bet, you won’t leave, once you get used to my flame

I drop my pen down, now that you know my run-down,

life’s like this, anyhow, what is left there? nothing now



that’s all folks, putting my pen down,

it’s no hoax, be sure to come around Winking smile

Learning from Mistakes

You can only learn from a mistake after you admit you’ve made it. As you start blaming other people, or the universe itself, you distant yourself from any possible lesson. But if you courageously stand up and honestly say: “this is my mistake and I am responsible”, the possibilities for learning move toward you. Wise people admit their mistakes easily. They know progress accelerates when they do.


Learning from mistakes requires three things:

1. putting yourself in situations where you can make interesting mistakes.

2. having the self-confidence to admit to them.

3. being courageous about making changes.

The Four Kinds of mistakes:

1. Stupid: dumb things that just happen.

2. Simple: Mistakes that are avoidable but your sequence of decisions made inevitable.

3. Involved: Mistakes that are understood but require effort to prevent.

4. Complex: Mistakes that have complicated causes with no obvious way to avoid them next time.


The Learning from Mistakes Checklist:

1. Accepting responsibility makes learning possible.

2. Don’t equate making mistakes with being a mistake.

3. You can’t change mistakes, but you can choose how to respond to them.

4. Growth starts when you can see room for improvement.

5. Work to understand why it happened and what were the factors.

6. What information/steps could have avoided the mistake.

7. What small mistakes, in sequence, contributed to the bigger mistake.

8. Are there alternatives you should have considered but did not.

9. What kind of changes are required to avoid making the same mistake again? What changes are difficult for you?

10. How do you think your behaviour should/would change if you were in a similar situation again?

11. Work to understand the mistake until you can make fun of it.