sometimes in life, you get a chance,

to change the course of it,

but you let it slip, and fall into that abyss

yeah, that’s the truth;

I tried pick up my pen, letting my life roll again,

on these papers, like a rapper, let me take a nap, ‘er,

sitting here without words, no verse, having just remorse,

and curse for this bitch, but fucking can’t take no more,

don’t say now ‘nother thing, ‘coz ma life’s is in an upswing,

wanna live like a king, no shit, just let it unwind,

& I don’t give a fuck no more what I’ve been in,

ring-ring this cell keeps on blinking,

yo bitch I know that’s you, who cares, now that there’s no string

between us two, me & you, ‘coz you’re out of view, yoo-hoo

no more I’m taking this, on me, coz I’m running out of my own strength

roaming the world explaining this, going all way and to long lengths

you think that you know me, LOL, let me tell this to my holmies,

hey! do you know this, they told me bitch,

to keep away from your reach,

but I said It’s ok, I couldn’t live without you even a single day,

you say, I’m crazy, yeah girl you know how to play, mayday

but its enough now, time to repay,

I put my life on a 3D display,

you could stay, if you wanna be mine, not just friends, hey!

lets play another game, with my rules, and my name

I bet, you won’t leave, once you get used to my flame

I drop my pen down, now that you know my run-down,

life’s like this, anyhow, what is left there? nothing now



that’s all folks, putting my pen down,

it’s no hoax, be sure to come around Winking smile