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Lately, there has been no interesting topic to blog upon. And as a result I was forced to stumble the internet endlessly, aimlessly and hopelessly. Wasting my time mostly liking and sharing stuff on facebook. But at the same time, studying one of my favourite subject online, ‘human psychology’. And reading some lame comments here and there.

Coming to the title here – RENAISSANCE – the golden period associated with the evolution in thinking of the human mind, the period when the foundations of today’s inventions lay, the period which gave us the most notable personalities ever known. But where has it gone. I feel it’s gone. And the main culprit behind this absurd disappearance is INTERNET.


Internet – for me it’s an entity I can’t live without. It’s like an omnipresent force without which our race can’t propagate ahead. Try to imagine days without this entity. Impossible right? because our minds are now habituated to gather all it’s information from it. That has brought our creativity levels to a minimal, which marks a fall in the cognitive ability of our brains. In other words, WE ARE DEPENDENT. Our minds are subjected to an enormous exposure to the internet. Can you recall when you last tried to comprehend a piece of information all by yourself? no, because you just preferred to GOOGLE it. Every time we come across something exciting we now prefer to “google” it rather than wasting time on decoding it by ourselves. In doing so, we have made our neurons useless.

Don’t you think that most of the inventions and discoveries done in any field were before the Internet era begun. We have become a slave of this stupid thing. We are at the point where our relationships with families, friends and the society – all depends on internet [esp. FB]. I think soon there will come a time when we will act like a cavemen. Sitting in front of a computer, ordering anything you think is necessary for your survival ONLINE, and never ever coming out of that cave again. This is the brutal reality.

There can’t be another renaissance unless we spend less time sitting in front of this screen and more in the world outside. Remember the story of Newton? He discovered the force of gravity sitting under a tree. I guess that maybe the story isn’t that correct, but it sure gives us a great message. To think creatively, one need to be with nature. Nature has got all the secrets, we are just blinded by the glaze of our LCD screens. It isn’t easy to switch over quickly, but we can surely start in small steps. Do think over it. We don’t want MACHINES controlling us in our future, do we?


After a long time we met, on Facebook chat, I consider it my fate;

Much time had elapsed, but I felt my heart collapse;

you looked the same in your profile pic, as you always did;

it was the April 6th, when you accepted my friend request;

I still remember the day, I told you I loved you, it was already may;

We were hundreds of miles apart, and I missed you with my whole heart;

You met me in the month of June, it was 3 in the sunny afternoon;

You said you were all messed up, ‘coz you were on a verge of breakup;

Then we acted just as friends, and that’s what I still pretend;

July was devastating for me, I didn’t wanted it to so be;

you texted me wishes first on my birthday, and it felt like a perfect day;

But that morning you called to wish again, I was happy than any other man;

& then you asked me not to block your bf, & I wish I could turn deaf;

you ruined my Birthday, but I thought it was okay;

August 15th was the day when that bloody guy left;

Your cries flooded river Nile, but mind you, he wasn’t worthwhile;

wish you could understand me, alas! you couldn’t just see;

with September I was back in your town, for your smile, I became your clown;

I didn’t pay any heed to my grades that were falling down;

The little vacation I got, I wanted to spend with you but could not;

We met in pdpu, I guess you were wearing blue?

you still regret that meet, I was all offbeat;

last time we met was at your place, why did I ever say yes!

I taught you car on a highway, I was so happy to see you smile that day;

I dropped you back home, you said you wanted to do it soon;

November was not easy without you, but there were exams & I knew I was screwed;

Once you told you wanted to move on, for you it was then dawn;

Winter break I was busy, lemme tell you, I wasn’t being cheesy;

I was planning to propose you on new year’s eve, which wasn’t possible ‘coz you weren’t my eve;

and now I’m left with nothing but hatred, where has the love lost which once felt sacred?;

On 31st December I was excited, to that party you were invited;

I picked you up at eight, “hey! Wow, you look great” I said;

Dance was on list that night, you asked “why do you always fight?”;

I know you are still heartbroken, some things must be left unspoken;

Wishes of yours I always fulfilled, remember that midnight kulfi?;

Seeing you happy is my only wish, but between us lay a deep abyss;

I don’t wanna see your face again, I’m disgusting? than you’re insane;

I couldn’t tell you my story, ‘coz you are immature to understand, I’m sorry;

I’ll find a way out of this shit, the question is how far I can make it;

Is this the end or the beginning of my Love Story!!;

My life will always be you, you’d never know, ‘coz you put me beneath your shoe;

But till eternity and beyond, I’m gonna love you <3;

– ME

2011 – THE END

The year 2011 has just few days left. This year will be remembered by me and my friends till the end of

T.I. said in “Live your Life”

Life is an interesting journey, you never know where it’ll take you,

peaks and valleys, twists and turns,

you can get the surprise of your life.

sometimes on the way to where you going, you might think,

this is the worst time in my life.

But you know what, at the end of the road through all the adversity, if you can get where you wanted to be.

You remember, whatever don’t kill you, make you stronger, and all of the adversity was worth it.

On your way to the top you’ll do anything.

But how do you get your life back when you get there?

Yeah, that’s my dilemma.

I got a little different story though. I’m still on the way to the top, and yeah, I’ve lost more than gained (or not!). I’ve made new friends, strengthened old bonds. The year was just like a dream. I did things which I never imagined I would ever do. I got into stuff which I never thought I will. The year was full of adventures, ups and downs, twists and turns. I was rejected, accepted, failed, helped, wounded, supported, ignored, understood, all in just a blink of an eye. This year was pretty quick, fast paced I must say. There wasn’t only engineering of structures that I was studying, I was engineering my own life. Making sure that the foundations I lay will be secure even after I fade away. Every single moment I made sure that I must engineer my life for the better. And I’m damn sure that I have used all the important ingredients. I’m not in a quest to build a mean machine out of me, but a subtle structure that can support the ones who come for shelter. “The world is my school and I’m it’s student”. But the world won’t teach you the way you wanna learn. Its has it’s own set of rules. And rule #1 is, SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST.

2011, the year that taught me the art of selfless love, faithful friendships, caring commitments, and fabulous families. I’m proud of things I’ve done and that which haven’t occurred yet. I’m the improved me, with a heart of iron. I’m focused, I know my goals, my boundaries, my actions. The new me is more fun, crazy, self-aware, and WISE. No more scratches and wounds, hurts and dismays. All I’m is optilist (realist + optimist).

The friends who knew me as a little nerdy kid have changed their opinion. Now when I talk to them, they are surprised. Even I amaze myself at times. There’s a special someone whom I’m thankful to. But there’s still a long long way to get where I want to be. And when I get there, I should know how to get my life back. The road won’t be smooth, it isn’t any better at the moment though. But if you got company, it doesn’t matter how the path is. Just keep walking and you’ll get where you wish to be.